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Can i share my IPTV account with others ?

– NO you’re not allowed to share with anyone. If need for family or kids you must buy multi room package 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 connections.

Can i use my subscription in different locations ? different ips ? and proxy or VPN ?

Yes you can we don’t restrict ips and we allow proxy or vpn’s ( you must know these can limit your streaming performances for better conectivity use your own network connected dirrect cable not wireless no vpn … ) if you still like to use a vpn choose a quality one wich offer dedicated ip for clients . you can get one from : VPN recomandation.


Please check whether your account is used on other devices.
If yes, please visit by using a computer, and find your IP Address, next send your IP Address to us for restoration. Please note that 1 subscription can only be used on 1 device at the same time, otherwise your account would be banned soon because of automatic security defense.


16 July 2023 : New VOD bouquet – ​​​​4K Movies

We're excited to announce the release of our new bouquet "4K MOVIES" with an extensive selection of latest movies to suit all tastes. 

To enjoy this amazing new bouquet, you'll need a compatible device that supports 4K resolution and a good internet connection.